Do you believe there is more to your life, something more profound than your everyday existence, a deeper meaning? I want to help you discover how to delve into your soul, so you can find out where you came from and where you' re going. Through Soul Realignment®, I can help you in a spiritual way. By looking into your past, I can help you create the life you want now.

- Laurine Pisarri

  • Heal your emotional and physical self
  • Experience clarity and contentment
  • Accept and embrace yourself right now

Laurine Pisarri is an Akashic Records Consultant, Soul Realignment® Counselor, Meditation Instructor, Certified Hypnotist, and Life Coach. She is trained in four modalities in the Akashic Records, and her wisdom, knowledge, experience, and guidance can help you find the peace, satisfaction, and contentment in your present life by opening the world of your spiritual past. Together, you and Laurine will change your life and move forward to spiritual, emotional, and even physical better living.

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