We are all on a spiritual journey.


I am a Spiritual Channel who helps my fellow spiritual travelers find answers to life’s tough questions. Be them college grads finding their way, a widow stuck in mourning, a parent finding meaning of their child’s special gifts, to someone trying to connect to their own spirituality and trying to live the life that I know is waiting for them.

I help them find their lives from the perspective of their Higher-Self or Soul.

I show the way to change from the victim perspective to one of an understanding of the bigger picture. When we understand the “why” we are in the circumstances we find ourselves in – the fear, confusion and frustration start to fall away, and in its place the opportunity to live their lives with ease grace and flow in spite of the circumstances surfaces. There is always a beautiful and powerful reason for all of our biggest challenges.

I offer the changing perspectives of empowerment for them to see their lives differently and to discover what needs to be done, understood, changed, and yes… be actually grateful for.

My work includes Divine guidance and together we reach into the realm of angels, guides, teachers, loved ones, ancient records, and spiritual healing. We connect with something that resonates so we can truly feel more whole, more grounded. There is awakening on many levels allowing to us move forward with joy.

My entire life was filled with spiritual curiosity. I searched for different explanations and perspectives everywhere. I explored all the religions for more answers, different answers. I found respect for religions and found some answers, but not to all of my questions.

I always felt there was more and spent my life on search of something more. I yearned for a closeness to the Divine without the dogma. I finally realized that I could build a relationship with the Divine on my own terms.

I searched outside of myself for the answers; I found likeminded people, guidance, something to practice, to believe in, this led to meaning, joy, peace, love, and connection. Finally, I realized the work and the answers are within myself. It’s all about identifying the limiting beliefs, releasing false judgements, releasing fears, recognizing false assumptions, and finding forgiveness for others as well as self. Truly learning about myself, loving myself and forgiving myself, letting go of anger and fear, opening up to love and light, healing traumas and letting go of the pain led to the bottom line that we live a better life when we have healed ourselves. Healing begins with the releasing, forgiving, understanding, compassion and opening up to love, unconditional love.

Through my searching for answers and finding a spiritual path I gained knowledge, spiritual practices, teachers, mentors, and healers who all taught me powerful tools to change my life.

I now encourage you to step onto your path, what ever that may be. Step into your Higher Self and move towards the life that is waiting for you. I would be very honored to be your guide along the way.

Let’s work together and open up the possibilities, discover your gifts, who you truly are at soul level, what your soul’s purpose is, what patterns keep repeating in your life, why certain things excite you while other things bore you, how you love and need to be loved, what the universe is saying to you, what your karma is and what to do about it, how to heal the

trauma in your life, discover what in nature heals you, how to get through the tough stuff, learn why the tough stuff happens, how to change the way your see your life, and live your life right in the middle of the tough stuff.

When I work with a client we work together. We dive deep and have beautiful conversations to learn who you are, what your gifts are, what holds you back from finding your joy. We uncover your life’s purpose, or even better, your Soul’s purpose. By exploring through the Spiritual lens, we learn to understand the why behind your current challenges frustrations and patterns. We learn how to remove the victim mentality out of your life.

When we finally understand how we actually design our lives to have experiences not for the purpose of suffering but for growing through experience. It is then we can start to see the struggles as patterns we also created through our own resistance to what we previously designed. Of course, we also have the gift of free will and can change many of the things we designed, not always all but many.

We can work on relationships, career, health issues, past life issues, but more importantly we can take a really deep look at whatever is in your life, in the right now, that needs to be understood, healed and moved through.

I seek to help clients who are curious. People looking for answers to their most burning questions. With Divine Guidance in a place of love and free from judgement, we can find more meaning, fulfillment and the path to finding what is right for you so you can live an easier life.

Would you hire a guide to climb a mountain?

Without a guide, people can get lost very quickly. It is the same with the spiritual realm. Working with me, you are in good hands, and we will work together to open up your spiritual gifts and create a life that you love.


Laurine Pisarri’s Sacred Guidance

Over the years, my clients have given me many names, from spiritual coach, spiritual guide, spiritual mentor, spiritual healer, and many more. I would consider myself spiritual with psychic abilities. I am a spiritual person on a spiritual path and help others find their answers from spirit. I am a guide for people who are a few pages behind me. We will find a common ground to answer your spiritual questions, where before the dogma might be too rigid.

I have devoted my life to a sacred and spiritual path of service to those who are also seeking something more. I questioned the lack of answers from traditional, Western schools of knowledge. As we all have seen, there are instances, experiences, and mysteries that defy scientific explanation. My heart’s desire is to be as close to God as possible with my feet planted in the ground with as pure of a channel as possible.


Customers We Serve

There are times when people are labeled with a mental or emotional issue, when they were really gifted. The traditional world never addresses the mental and spiritual process that drives you and that got you here. Together, we will find out the why behind why you are where you are and why your life is where it is.

I seek to consult with people who are committed spiritually and need assistance to guide that spirituality. I seek people who are spiritually thirsty, but religion and the traditional channels are not quenching that thirst. I guide clients to a more meaningful, fulfilling, and hopeful path to accessing answers to get what they truly desire out of life and on a soul level.

Many of my clients are light workers, people wo work in love and light. Some people are light workers, but just aren’t paid for it. I work with both, professional light workers and those who are not remunerated, but light the path for each person they meet. If you are someone on their spiritual path who wants to open up their gifts; or someone looking for enlightenment, I can help guide you.

Hear What Our Clients Say

Begin Living YOUR
Magic Stories

We are going to answer that spiritual pull inside of you. We will only go as far as you are comfortable. Many people are comforted to realize that what we will do is mainly inside and supported within the comfort zone of their religious beliefs. We are just going to open it up from some different angles. You open it up by speaking within your comfort zone and we will expand it together.

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    Spiritual Vehicles

    The work we will perform will happen through the following spiritual vehicles and spiritual healings:

    1. Cord cutting- release from negative influences
    2. Chakra clearing- clear away blocks
    3. Body healing – the physical body, the etheric body and the emotional body
    4. Grounding-cord – strengthening and healing grounding cord to feel more in your body and more in control
    5. Healing, soul fragments returned, relationship healing, entity removal, karma clearing
    6. Past Life Regression – for deep healing
    7. Akashic Records- deep conversations to answer the big questions. Why is this happening, why do I keep doing this, why do I keep attracting the wrong people, what is my life purpose etc.

    Learn how to live a life with ease, grace and flow with Divine Guidance.


    Sessions held via phone or zoom:

    • Soul to Soul healing $222 (1 hour)
    • Akashic Records Session $333 (1 hour)
    • Past Life Regression $444 (2 hours)
      • The regression is held in the safety of the Akashic Records where spiritual healing and insight are included with the regression.


    Sessions held via phone or zoom

    • Soul to Soul Healing
    • $222/ 1 hour
    • Akashic Records Session
    • $333/ 1 hour
    • Past Life Regression
    • $444/ 2 hours
    • The regression is held in the safety of the Akashic Records where spiritual healing and insight are included with the regression.