Testimonial # 4

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Testimonial # 4

I am a repeat client of Laurine's. She has been a guiding force for life decisions and my business.

Laurine is not only an inspiring teacher but also an incredible healer, guide and counselor. You will get so much more than just an Akashic record reading. There is a deep level of healing that occurs. Laurine takes an Akashic record session to the next level! She offers more than just guidance and insight, she facilitates healing on a cellular level. This method of healing first and then guidance and direction makes her services much more potent and sustainable.

Laurine's skill set of coaching, spiritual counselor, healer and so much more set her apart drastically from the competition.

You will not regret the decision to work with Laurine. She is a gem and someone that uses her gifts truly for the better of humanity.