Testimonial # 1

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Testimonial # 1

Laurine is a gifted spiritual goddess and my soul-sister who has access and spiritual skills to read Akashic records. She is such a gentle and loving person with the pure heart sharing this beautiful wisdom in her fun and down-to- earth way.
I highly recommend to have a session with her, I have no done three sessions occasionally and have always left with the heart of full of love, understanding, and encouragement.

Laurine has been able to give me the answers I have been looking for all my life (and those questions have not been tiny ones, not only about me but understanding the whole universe :D) For decades I thought it wouldn't be possible to find them ever.

She has helped me to understand, not only my past but my present, and then helped me to let go of some very old patterns that have followed me many lifetimes. And you know, I've done all kind of woo-woo stuff
as I'm experimental explorer, but all this information makes very much sense to me. And I know you will love it and are ready for this, Bharat. And Laurine, I know you will love working with him.

I warmly recommend to getting in touch with Laurine as I believe it would give you guidance, clarity and answers to your questions you didn't even know you had.