As an Akashic Records consultant, I help in a variety of ways.
When opening the Akashic Records, my clients will benefit from:

  • Reconnecting to your Higher Self
  • Opening up your awareness, enabling you to make different choices in your life
  • Clearing past Karma that’s been accumulating for lifetimes, enabling you to design a more fulfilling life
  • Opening the Self to receive guidance from your own soul as well as your Spirit
  • Gaining opportunities to experience what you are meant to do in this lifetime, your life's purpose
  • Understanding past lives in a way that you can see where you can make different current choices in this lifetime
  • Gaining awareness and knowledge, freedom to be who you are meant to be, your true Self
  • Getting permission to be authentic
  • Removing resistance from blocks of true Self

The Akashic Records are a library of thoughts, events, and emotions of all beings from all time. Every soul has its own sacred Akashic Records containing information about the past, present, and future possibilities of that individual soul. Healing and balance of your soul can be gained from the information learned and the experience of being in the Records. You will become clear about how to move forward to create the life that serves you to the highest good.​

Working with Laurine, a certified Akashic Records consultant trained and certified in four different modalities of the Akashic Records, you will experience immediate results. Laurine acts as a divine channel and takes you right to the source.
While in the divine dimension of the Akashic Records you can experience the pure and loving energy of divine source and receive answers to your questions that are clear and concise. The information available to you in the Records includes past life information, solutions to difficult situations, life purpose, clarity about your present life situations, relationships, your professional life, and answers and direction for your future. You can also experience clearing of negative karma, contracts, and vows from past lives. Heal scars and tears in your Golden web, remove blocks and restrictions, and enable the healing and realigning of your soul to its original purpose. Learn about your soul’s journey and how it affects you in this lifetime.