Laurine Pisarri uses her wisdom, knowledge, experience, and guidance to help you find the peace, satisfaction, and contentment in your present life, by opening the world of your past, present, and future possibilities.


Christians, Jews, Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, and most of the world’s religions all acknowledge the Akashic Records. Sacred and holy concepts, the Akashic Records were believed by the likes of Plato, Aristotle, and Copernicus, and embraced by many of today's most successful self-help and motivational coaches. The Akashic Records are a library of thoughts, events, and emotions from all time, encoded in the non-physical plane of existence known as the Astral Plane: a world of celestial spheres, influenced by the planets and stars. The Astral Plane is crossed by the soul in its astral body before birth and after death, and is believed to be populated by spirits and angels. By tapping into this all-powerful force, you have the ability to manifest and achieve great things through the learning and use of meditation, and the study of your past lives.


Laurine Pisarri uses these practices and combines them with her education, wisdom, and experience of Akashic Records consulting and life coaching to help bring love and light to you and your soul, in the here-and-now present, by discovering the experiences of your past lives. Soul Realignment® will help you change the negativity in your life so that you can move forward now and in the future to find contentment, acceptance of yourself, and happiness, using problem-solving techniques embraced for centuries.


Most of us in the here and now are familiar with the basic definition of meditation. We know that the purpose of sitting or reclining by yourself in a quiet room, breathing calmly, with eyes closed, is said to promote and induce relaxation and clarity, build energy, and make you experience a light-and love-filled internal well-being. Laurine will help you to learn to meditate to the greatest degree.


Theosophy, translated to mean "GOD's (or the Universe's, or your Higher Power's) Wisdom," refers to a philosophy seeking knowledge of the mysteries of beings, nature, and divinity, offering a path to enlightenment and salvation.