Charged my battery in Arizona

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Charged my battery in Arizona

I had a rather challenging eight months so far this year. Early in the year, my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers. We were seeing the signs but the diagnosis was still difficult to hear. Knowing that she needed to be moved, we packed up mom and her house of fifty years. Moving her into a lovely senior facility where she is now safe and happy. For anyone who has a parent with Alzheimers you know what this is like. Sad for one and life-altering for everyone in the family.

When Mom was finally in place I knew I needed to take care of me. I needed to recharge my battery. So, off I went with my bestie to Sedona, Arizona. It’s a place I wanted to go for so long and this seemed to be the right time to go.

We hiked for two days and experienced the magnificent vortexes of the famous red rocks. On each of the beautiful rocks, we climbed and sat, meditating, and declared our desires and dreams to the universe. We released what we needed to let go of, be it sadness or fear.

It is said that while you sit in the vortexes of the world that your voice is amplified out into the universe. Miraculously the universe always conspires to help us when we make declarations.

Vortexes are created from spiraling spiritual energy. You can experience the energy of the vortexes in a variety of ways such as emotional healing and mental clarity. There are those who believe that the energy of the red rocks in Sedona ( as well as other places in the world) exists in multiple dimensions and that the energy interacts with a person’s higher self.

I found this to be true for me. I found clarity and healing. My battery is recharged.

I highly recommend Sedona, Arizona. The people are truly lovely and the geography is gorgeous beyond words.

I found many similar experiences that I had when I walked the Camino De Compostella, but that is a story for another day

Love and Light